Writing a comparative essay outline

A compare and contrast essay is a type of essay which is used to explore both the similarities and the differences between two subjects by comparing and contrasting them against each other. The first step to writing a compare and contrast essay is to identify the differences and the similarities that exist between two items. Secondly, you have to state what you are going to write in your paper in the thesis statement that is if you will compare, contrast or both.

In this paper, we will compare and contrast mom and dad. Developing the Content of the Comparative Essay 1. Analyzing the question or the essay prompt with care: Even if you have an amazing idea for your report or you have simply been assigned two perfect subjects for comparison, if they do not match the prompt perfectly, you will be unable to deliver the final product your instructors want to see. Another thing you will have to pay close attention to will be the limits, if any, that might be placed on the given topic.

If the possibility to choose the subjects is given, you may always consider general themes or ideas such as beauty, love, death or time and develop your essay based on how they have been approached by two different artists of the same era, for example. This type of assignment generally asks guiding questions. Pay attention to them and write the conclusion in such a way so you answer these questions.

Writing a Comparative Essay What is it

This is your main task here: to compare, to analyze the comparison, and to answer the questions. However, if you are by any means unclear about the essay prompt, you should consult your instructor. It is always preferable to clarify your questions straight up than to discover later down the line that you have understood everything incorrectly.

Listing the differences and similarities between the subjects: Despite the fact that the nature of the essay you are required to write is comparative, sustainable and plausible contrasting material has to be included in your paper by default. Evaluating your list: Chances are that you will be limited by space and will not be able to address all the items present on your initial list. Response Essay Topics.

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