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Elbstack decided that to get the most out of their next annual retreat with as little distraction as possible, they needed to change the internal processes behind the development and execution of the retreat, from start to finish. Both Peakon offices flew out to meet us in Barcelona , plan the strategy for the next few months, and inspire their team with some sun, productive work sessions during the day, and team building activities.

For their retreat in , EVBox took half of their team people to Lisbon for a healthy mix of group and one-to-one activities, such as group city tours and plenty of meals with the team. Wondrous is a digital agency based in Switzerland, helping companies to consult, design and realise new and innovative digital brand experiences. The trip involved plenty of surfing, beach meetings, and trying the great local seafood cuisine.

Teams working with synergy will often achieve more as a group than would be possible on their own. Our solutions for groups and teams can help you achieve better outcomes through constructive teamwork and problem-solving. Measure team performance, synergy, group and member styles, the team skills of members, and the quality of group processes. Achieving greater synergy requires the application of certain task and interpersonal skills, great team leadership and at times a facilitator to help the team build on their strengths and overcome obstacles to high performance.

Our consultants are all skilled facilitators who can help your groups become high-performing teams. Empower yourself or your staff with our industry-recognised accreditation and application workshops.

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Gain the skills to transform your organisation from the inside out. Menu Change Solutions Change Solutions Our suite of diagnostic tools can help you measure and develop every level of your organisation; from your overall organisational culture right down to individual styles, team dynamics, and leadership strategies.

Case Study: Team Building

We have been transforming organisations for over 45 years. It was a real puzzle. With typical ingenuity, Team Results ran a practical program that was perfect for our needs, got everyone enthused, involved and laughing, and delivered very concrete business results when it came to the business changes and positive outcomes for the people. We were able to celebrate our successes and give everyone a positive mindset for the future.

Ms Wendy Bliss, I. The Need: A globally-known car maker needed its dealerships to freeze sales during a long weekend so that the system could be overhauled to meet new tax regulations. The dealerships met the request with a hostile and angry refusal. The company was facing an impasse on a national scale, complications on every side, and a non-negotiable deadline for tax compliance.

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The Solution: Recognizing that only the senior management saw an urgent need for resolution of the impasse, Team Results asked the company to send key managers and opinion leaders from the three most-affected departments — dealerships, finance and I. Focusing on the need to emerge with practical team strategies for an apparently impossible project, the group managed a simulated project together which accurately reproduced the challenges of getting a unified result across major cultural differences and legitimately different business priorities.

The goal was to develop a set of practical, tested and shared strategies to get a complicated job done on time — even when compromise and sacrifice were required by all.

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The Results: Using negotiation strategies developed on the program, the managers and key opinion leaders returned to work and won support in their work areas for the impasse-solving strategies also developed on the program. The tax switchover happened on time and without excessive compliance costs, and the dealerships implemented agreed stop-gap measures which allowed trading to continue. Though all sides retained their legitimately different business pressures, their now-unified strategies and practical discoveries about trust and teamwork enabled this massive tax change to be completed on time and with no loss of goodwill.

We just had to get past the conflicts. There were legitimately different pressures and viewpoints in the company, and we were in danger of gridlock.

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We know we can rely on Team Results. We actually achieved something -and we had fun! I thank you for that. I would assess the Team Results contribution to the BSI Team as critical to the overall success of managing and implementing the major process, cultural, and human changes demanded by such a large project.

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The debriefs are short and effective, and facilitators guide the teams without interfering. Students recognize the importance of developing followership skills, in addition to leadership skills, as a result of this program. The Team Results Program was by far the best Teamwork and Communications event I have attended in thirty years of my policing career.

I have recommended to the Chief that every police member in the Department ought to do this program.