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Each of these positions require a particular set of skills. While the positions may sound the same, they are not. For example, the network engineer manages and designs computer networks, upgrading them and tests their security while the network administrator keeps the network running. Computer Network Careers A computer network is any computer or group of computers that are linked to another computer or systems of computers so they can communicate.

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For example, the network engineer manages and designs computer networks, upgrading them and tests their security while the network administrator keeps. Networking is a norm in many corporate based institutions in modern society. Computerized applications, software and communication has been greatly deployed to foster service delivery in the organizations. Despite the many merits tied to networking, it poses some threats that can proof costly if not handled professionally.

Good news is that there are measures that can be adopted to form a robust computer network system that will ensure minimal or no intrusion by any assailants. This paper seeks to. The Internet has managed to provide the masses with an informational platform that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It delivers whatever we may need, desire or want to know about with just a few simple clicks or keystrokes. A technological medium that has become quite instrumental in our daily lives.

The importance of cyber security in modern Internet age - Essay Example

Now due to our growing dependence, our federal government has greatly increased its efforts and resources in securing our computer networking. This working. In contrast to wide area network WAN this covers the huge area. In LAN, there is a main computer called server and distance computers called clients. With the help of LAN users can access internet, can exchange file with connected users, and also.

DesignIT has also requested me that all the interconnected devices and wiring, along with the speed should be able to offer the best performance.


Information technology and computer networking play an important part of our everyday lives. We definitely depend on computers much more than we realize. Even for those of us who may not have a desk job, we use the computer at least a half a dozen times on our way to work. Our alarm, the coffee maker, our vehicle…almost every aspect of our life is influenced by computers.

Technical support is utilized more than it should be. So no wonder that the meaning of security was significant from the very beginning. Later, when Internet became accessible for almost everyone, the criminals also started to use it for their own goals. The cyber security specialists and cyber criminals started the competition that can be compared with development of offensive weapons and defensive ones to withstand the attacks.

Computer Network Security - Case Study Example

Cyber security is the field of science that is developing constantly and rapidly, so there are always lots of interesting topics for the research paper. Cyber crimes are now a global problem that affects lots of spheres of human life.

The police all over the world has to study how to deal with this type of crimes, the safety lessons for kids prepare them for the hazards of digital world… Of course, the big companies that have all the reasons to keep their data secret and intact invest incredible amounts of money to increase the digital security all over the world.

Every new gadget and software product becomes the target for cyber criminals sooner or later, so their manufacturers do everything that is possible to be one step ahead.

Busy at work, have a lot on your plate, in addition, your research paper is due? Almost everything we see in our daily life may need some of a cyber security. Even when we are totally offline walking in the park, there are cameras around us and lots of digital devices that could be turned on us if not the security specialists who protect them from intervention and enhance this protection every day. If you are struggling with the topic for your research paper, try looking through our list of sample ones.

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The digital security is a constantly changing field, but maybe, with some proper updating and modification, they will inspire you to make an awesome paper.